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We Like To Write About Ideas, Stories & Things That Make Us Happy

We get it. The internet is overflowing with ads, clickbait and sensational stories that do nothing for the self esteem of the collective human race. 

As a small business, we hope to stand out from the crowd. Our business is all about spreading joy to the people that matter. Perhaps that might be one of our gifts, but it can just as easily be a great story that you found and want to share with a friend. 

If somehow what we do causes someone else to smile, then Morsey and the team have succeeded in our mission.

If you're looking to while away 5 minutes, then choose your option below. We recommend the "Happiness Inspo" for obvious reasons.

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Morsey's Installation

Aspiring To Be A Visual Smorgasbord Of Happy Things
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Meet Morsey!

Morsey's mission is to spread smiles wherever he goes. 

He loves hugs and cuddles, and he loves to go on trips.

Become part of our Good Karma Club, earn enough good Karma, and we'll send your very own Morsey (and loads of chocolate as well).

Then you can take him with you and if you like, post a pic of him on instagram with any of the hashtags #morsey #wheresmorsey #morseyandme.

Check out his Morsey feed below.


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The Adventures Of Morsey

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Meet The Team

Each box is handmade by our team located in the New Forest.

We know the importance of reflecting your business to your clients and staff. That's why we use the best quality chocolate and take enormous care with every box to ensure 

We can manage the whole order process for you. Simply send us the spreadsheet located above with all the order details and we'll reply with an invoice. You'll receive an email when the boxes are sent. Then check back to your account for the tracking data on each delivery.

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